Women’s XC Plate standings & link to WRL eulogy

Women’s XC Plate standings & link to WRL eulogy

The women have a new name to etch on the Cross-country Plate, which is a veritable who’s who of Belles running in the last 20 years. Congratulations to Mhairi Hall who has sewn up the competition with one race still to go.

Mhairi Hall128
Emma Howsham102
Saron Haileselase79
Mimi Corden-Lloyd78
Lizzie Goldie-Scot61
Georgie Fenn60
Rachel Brown36
Stephie Hewitt33
Ellen van der Velden28
Felicity Cole26
Jurgita Levertaviciute25
Katie Ellen-French19
Alice Reed19
Keri Mackenzie18
Sammi Amend18
Jess Reed17
Jessica Lowe15
Rebecca O’Kill14
Vicki Goodwin14
Justine Lynch14
Hester Barsham-Rolfe13
Iona Cousland12
Jodie Albrow9

And for those that were unable to make it to Bill Laws’ funeral, we are pleased to add the fascinating eulogy by his business partner Geoff Reed to his Tributes page . So to view that please visit: http://www.belgraveharriers.co.uk/bill-laws-tributes-page/