Women’s Road & XC ‘B’ Team competition: Prizes for Jurgita and Lizzie

Women’s Road & XC ‘B’ Team competition: Prizes for Jurgita and Lizzie

The Women’s B team competition was introduced a couple of years ago and points are awarded to everyone who turns out in a race but does not score for the A-team. 

For example, in the Surrey League races there are five to score, so the Belgrave 6th runner gets 10 points, the 7th gets  9 points and so on. Points are awarded for all competitions, road and cross country apart for the county races.

The aim is to recognise the contribution to the team everyone makes regardless of whether they score in the race.

It’s always good to have a large turnout for races (for example 16 women at the recent 6-stage road relay) and it creates a great atmosphere for the club.

2019 winners

The top ten points scorers for 2108/19 are listed below. The leading two, Jurgita Levertaviciute and Lizzie Goldie-Scot have both been outstanding this season and as their final points are so close, they will both receive tickets to the Muller Grand Prix at the Olympic Stadium in July.

Lizzie Goldie-Scot flying round the first corner at the Southern 6-stage relays.
Jurgita Levertaviciute powering up a Lloyd Park hill in the Surrey League in March.

Congratulations and a big thank you to them and all those many others who have supported the women’s team this winter.

Final points

Jurgita Levertaviciute56
Lizzie Goldie-Scott55
Emma Howsham36
Stephanie Hewitt21
Keri MacKenzie19
Ellen van der Velden19
Mimi Corden-Lloyd17
Mhairi Hall15
Fiona Maddocks15
Jojo Rhodes14