Women’s ECCA National Cross Country Championships 2019, Harewood House, Leeds

Women’s ECCA National Cross Country Championships 2019, Harewood House, Leeds

An enjoyable day trip to Leeds

It was a small but enthusiastic team who caught the train to Leeds, then on to the truly magnificent grounds of Harewood House designed by Robert Adam on the outskirts of the city.

Then, so unusual for the National at the end of February, a gorgeous warm sunny day, groundsheet set out on the grass, with drinks and cakes kindly supplied by Mimi’s mum, dad and grandparents.

The course, undulating grassland with hardly any flat was challenging but unusually there was no mud in sight.

Top 20 in the country

The team, somewhat depleted by injury and illness near the end of a very long hard  season, performed very well to finish 20th out of a total of 114 teams. They finished ahead of all our local clubs except Herne Hill and Kent. The important thing is to come, compete and experience the biggest event in the cross country calendar, soak up the magnificent atmosphere, to be part of it, and not be content to just run in ‘Mickey Mouse’ local races. It was a long exhausting day but everyone was pleased they came and made the effort.

Georgie Fenn led the team home just inside the top 100, the conditions perhaps not her favourite and lacking a little in fitness after her holiday in Cuba but still a very strong run. Then, just outside the top 100, promising new member, triathlete Rachel Brown. Rachel really prefers longer distances but looked very strong and is a fine acquisition for the club.

Rachel Brown on her scoring debut for Belgrave.

Mhairi Hall has been outstanding this season supporting the team in every event. Here, nursing a sore knee she was a little below her best but never contemplated dropping out and did so well to finish just inside the top 200. Completing the scoring four, Mimi Corden-Lloyd had another very solid run. Mimi is improving with every race and has become another solid member of the team. Finally, the Belles other very reliable team member, Lizzie Goldie-Scot who ran the whole race with Mimi in sight and finished just a few places behind. Lizzie is sure to be back to her best form next year when she finishes her time consuming law firm work placement. All the Belles finished in the top third in the field of 1034 finishers. 


  1. E. Hosker-Thornhill (AFD) 28:17,  2. P. Woolven (Wycombe) 28:28,  3. J. Judd (Blackburn) 28:52,….. 98. G. Fenn 33:00,  125. R. Brown 33:38,  199. M. Hall 35|:16,  305. M. Corden-Lloyd 37:07,  337. L. Goldie-Scot 37:37.


  1. Leeds 47,  2. AFD 50,  3. Norwich 171,….. 20. Belgrave 727