Tish Jones and the Raiders of the High Miles

Tish Jones and the Raiders of the High Miles

Just under three months from her silver medal and World Championship qualifier at the iconic London Marathon, we catch up with Tish Jones.

She has swapped Capetown’s vineyards and coast for peaks and is now training at altitude around Boulder, Colorado with a group of international athletes all determined to make their mark in Doha this autumn. Her training usually consists of two weekly workouts and a Sunday long run. “I’ve only run alone once so far! I have a few regular companions for everything; easy, long, trail, road, workouts, whatever it may be. It’s really been a blessing”, she gloats. She even caught fellow Belgrave marathon legend and Colorado native Garrett Lee for a run!

“Summer is setting in here now and most days are hot. We expect thunderstorms almost regularly so it’s best to get training completely done and dusted before the late part of the afternoon”

Tish is also known for her love of fancy coffees and long bike rides, so you can be sure she’s getting those in as well! “I ride my mountain bike around the gravel roads and single track trails which are plentiful. I do this solo really so that I can identify a pace or type of ride that is suitable for that day and the intensity I need”, she explains. “I tend to stick to easy days or rest days for this. Workouts are usually accompanied by a swim and some strength and conditioning.”

Putting in the work and making it look good is hard… especially at altitude!

After Vitality 10k where she ran 33:06 for 4th woman, Tish ran the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta, Georgia on the 4th July. Coming in just after the 3rd American woman in 33:30, she claimed 14th place in an absolutely stacked field. “It was so cool to be there and be a part of it all. The 50th anniversary was special for them and it was so well done. The elite ladies field was stacked with talent, as was the men’s: record breakers ready to do their thing! And they did not disappoint!”, she recalls. “I was super happy with my result. It was really humid in Atlanta and a long while since I’d felt that sort of atmosphere. I survived well and adjusted quickly.”

The group has been staying at 1,665m altitude (5,465ft) but recently headed another 40mins into the mountains to get an extra 300m. This build up is an essential part of the training and Tish is eager to get a few more high altitude expeditions in ahead of her next race on the first weekend of August: the Beach to Beacon 10k in Maine. “I’ve been told plenty about the change and how it may affect me so I’m not expecting to feel fantastic but that comes with the territory!”.

These ladies look set to shake things up in Doha. You saw it here first.

Tish has always been a pillar of Belgrave performance across all surfaces, distances and events. We are delighted to see her doing so well and reaping the rewards of a phenomenal performance in April. This opportunity to represent her country over the marathon at the World Championships is the culmination of years and years of hard graft and dedication, we can’t think of anyone more deserving. Best of luck, Tish! Keep the updates coming and keep those legs ticking over.

You can follow Tish’s training, coffee habit, food adventures and much more on Instagram (@tishysplishy). Give her some love!