Sadly we report the recent death of N.E.B’s Bob Smith – 27th July 2017

Bob Smith has passed away after a short illness at the age of 61 years, just a couple of weeks from his 62nd birthday.

Bob was a high jumper with N.E.B who moved into team management working with Tony Shiret to forge one of the most formidable men’s track and field teams in the late nineties to the present time. There was a considerable rivalry with Belgrave’s management duo of the time, John Jeffrey and Bill Laws and many League titles were won by Belgrave by just a handful of points.

Bob also managed the even more successful N.E.B men’s road and cross country teams when Alan Mead presided over the Belgrave squads. Again an intense and high powered rivalry typified the strength of the two clubs.

Alan Mead writes:-

“Win or lose, Bob’s cheery face and friendly smile while when we were both team managers on the road and country circuit was a joy. Often we would meet up on the way home from Sutton Park, pore over the results together and discuss the day’s battle. They were some of the best days of my life as we each struggled to outwit and outgun each other and share in each other’s triumphs and near misses. The friendly rivalry filtered down to the lads in our teams. He will be much missed at N&EB and throughout the sport in general.”

In recent years Bob worked for England Athletics tirelessly promoting athletics in London. He will be sadly missed.

England Athletics


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