Recapping a Big Week for Belgrave

Arne Dumez reports:

Rosenheim League match 2, Croydon Arena, Wednesday 23rd May 2018

The team sheet once again looked like Swiss cheese on a sweltering Wednesday evening in Croydon, but that did not prevent a few of us to make the trek down to represent the claret and gold. Mia Kallenberg once again proved herself to be an indispensable asset to the team, as she took on most of the women’s events by herself in a valiant attempt to qualify for the final in August. On the men’s side, Christian Meloni took the ‘B’ bib for a ride in the 100m, 200m and 400m while Timin Kamani once again lined up for the 800m where he scored a 3rd place in 2:06. The throwing events were well covered as we had no less than 5 men out there fighting the good fight. Rob Norville decided to have a go at the 400m as a non-scorer before filling in the long jump and debating a crack at the 1500m.

While the 3000m race would not feature a Belgrave runner, the 1500m starred Arne Dumez and Scott Mills. After a quick first lap, Arne eased into the lead. With no real challenge from behind, he decided to switch his racing head off and do just enough to win – in honour of Paskar, we are led to believe. Scott was close behind and secured a solid time in a thoroughly enjoyable race.

That same Wednesday, elsewhere…

Somewhere in Eltham (we had to look it up too), Andy Fyfe was about to ascend to new heights. His recent triumphs in both the 800m and 1500m led him to believe he could emerge victorious in a regional BMC A race. The critics might have to switch the presses off for now, as it turns out he was absolutely right! Despite the hare failing to hold the prescribed 63s lap pace, Andy successfully held onto his winning streak with a new PB of 3:55.92 which ranks him 13th in Scotland over the distance. He’s just getting warmed up.

Westminster Mile, Sunday 27th May 2018

Alex Mills clearly fancied another crack at the Mall after his proud grafting in the London Marathon, as he eagerly lined up at the front of the day’s first wave. Even the weather felt eerily similar… His namesake from Highgate (Alex Crossland) took the lead early on with clear intentions to seize the race. Much too polite to deny him the chance, Alex decided to run his own race and clock a fantastic 5:03 road mile. On his end, Scott Mills charged into the D wave and settled into the pace. He kicked into 9th gear upon hearing his support squad with 100m to go and produced an iconic burn-up to finish in 5:19 (and claim some much-deserved time on the big screen for the fans).

The elite race also featured Nick Goolab who grabbed a substantial amount of media attention having won the bloody thing for the past two years. Sadly, he wasn’t quite able to defend his title on the day as a fierce battle over the last 400m saw Chris O’Hare burst through the tape ahead of Jake Wightman and Charlie Grice. There’s always next year, Nick!

Warm congratulations to Saron

Club legend Saron Haileselase tied the knot and married her long-time partner Daniel on Saturday 19th May. We sincerely wish her, Daniel and their little boy Simon a lifetime of happiness together!