Reading Half Marathon, 19th March 2017

Author: Iona


It was tough and we all set out fast (despite Charlie’s wise words to save energy for the last three miles-noted for next time!). We were undeterred by the first hill and ploughed on despite strong winds. Sammi, unfortunately, had been under the weather for the last few weeks and was forced to pull out near the beginning of the race.

Reading is not known for its beautiful scenery but support was on point, especially one woman’s words of encouragement ‘just press forward’, as well as a brass band all helped keep us motivated. We were also lucky to have some amazing support from Christina as well as Ed and Henry around mile six as well as on the final miles when energy levels were low and it was most needed.

Having run the Reading Half once before my memories of the last couple of miles came back to haunt me. A never-ending straight main road coupled with running into the wind meant the final few miles were demoralising, to say the least.

Despite these less than ideal conditions the girls finished the race,  Helen who started off really strong ran a PB in 1.33.27. Iona managed a PB by a few seconds (1.28.28 ) and Becky wasn’t far behind on 1.29.24 but wasn’t feeling on peak form and also battled with the wind on the long last couple of miles. We all agreed we probably won’t be rushing back next year…


And Will adds:  the boys battled hard too, with a 70 flat from Andrius, 72:28 for James Williams, late-73 for Alex Miller and a 79 for Tom O’Beirne.  But they too noted the severity of the conditions.


L: R  Becky O’ Kill, Helen White, Iona Cousland

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