Nick Dazzles at the Birmingham Grand Prix

Stellar 5 second pb for Mr. Goolab, as he grabs Team GB Euro place

Well, we’re used to Nick Goolab thrilling us with tales of derring do – he’s been doing just that for almost a decade in the claret and gold.  Astonishing relay runs; double National cross junior wins; and a win at the Westminster mile are just some of many outstanding returns.

A man with a plan…

But this really did get one off the sofa and shouting at the tv.  Yes, the drama wasn’t totally “pure”, but it was Saturday afternoon entertainment of the highest calibre, and shut the acerbic Steve Cram up once and for all.  Who knows why Crammy had it in for our man, but his introduction of Nick followed moments later by, “some of these guys are getting lapped,” was pretty uncalled for.  Err, the track’s only 200 metres long and they’re doing 25 of them against one of the all time greats of T&F; thanks for stating the bleeding obvious!

Sir Mo Farah in 4th gets a sharper tow than he’d bargained for

Then he called Nick a youngster only to correct himself with “well, not any more”.  [He was right the first time].  And then he howled into his mike, “What on earth is Nick Goolab doing?” with barely disguised contempt.

Well, what our man was doing was having one of the races of his life, as he chased a 7:53 flat for the 3k, to garner selection for the European Championships in Belgrade.  With a brilliant last lap Nick tore round the side of the field and roared to a 7:53.2.  It appeared that he’s just missed out on his target, but good sense prevailed and Nick was granted a deserved spot.  Finally, a contrite Cram woke up and explained to the audience what they’d witnessed.

7:53.00 is the target, and he JUST did enough

Great to see the boy wonder still running at near world-class level; and may he have yet another stormer at the Euros.



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