Men’s SEAA cross-country relay, Wormwood Scrubs, 21 Oct 2017

Another fine battle on the Scrubs


Although this race remains shunned by so many clubs due to the SEAA’s indifference and appalling marketing, the fare is always riveting, and the action at the sharp end red hot.  Our sequence in the race now reads 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 3, 3, and this bronze saw us gunning hard for the gold going into anchor, just 12 seconds in arreas.

Andy Fyfe kicked us off and whilst having a better run than at the Surrey League still wasn’t totally happy with his effort, but it’s clear he’s just going to keep on improving as the season progresses.  And he set up a returning Nick Buckle a treat who surged up the leaderboard with an outstanding time, and in turn allowed Paskar to ease into 2nd past a strong Newham team, but having to give best to Hillingdon’s man by 10 seconds out in front.

With Ed Auden taking up the chase, one wondered if this was the first time Belgrave had lost a relay on the final two legs to runners named Mohamed Mohamed & Mohamed Mohamed in a year ending in 7.  The skipper had a lonely run until at half-way when he was warned that he was being chased down for the silver.

In a thrilling denouement Highgate’s frisky Rob Wilson timed his finish perfectly, and although both men were on the canvas at the finish line it was Highgate’s silver by a nose.

1 Hillingdon AC 56:28; 2 Highgate H 57:16; 3 Belgrave H 57:17; 4 Herne Hill H 58:07; 5 Newham & Essex B 58:23; 6 Woodford Green & EL 58:25… 49 teams started, 44 finished.

A Fyfe (12) 14:37; N Buckle (6) 14:17; P Owor (2) 13:53; E Auden (3) 14:30.

Fastest:  M Mohamed (Hillingdon) 13:43; P Owor (Belgrave H) 13:53; M Mohamed (Hillingdon) 13:54.


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