Men’s 4×2.5m Reigate Priory X-country relay, 4 Nov 2017

The Calm Before The Storm

Report by Will Cockerell

Andy finally gets a clear run at it. Pic by SGH

Aside from Nick Buckle who had another outstanding run, it’s probable that ‘the Three Amigos’ who followed had at least one eye on Mitcham a week hence where it will be a real slugfest with 5 clubs still in the Surrey league melting pot, including us.

The TM (pictured right at his debut at this one back from another millennia when the photography was soft and the toupees alarming), was called into the team upon waking after poor Arne called in sick, and undid most of Nick’s good work. PO was on one of his minor go-slows – and good call as there’s no way Dorking were letting us off the hook with the ace of Caldwell still to come; and Andy hit an awful lot of traffic on the narrow paths in pedestrians, back-markers and dogfriends.

With Nick partying at his Ma’s 60th in the Big Apple on Saturday, it’s time for ‘the Reigate three’ to shake things up a notch, which they’re resolved to do.

A final word for the baby Bees, who finished half-way up the leaderboard with just two men at the oars. Impressive!

1 Dorking & MV 56:31; 2 Belgrave H 58:37; 3 Reigate 59:50; 4 Tonbridge 60:58… 26 Belgrave B 71:41. 51 teams finished.

A: N Buckle (2) 14:10; W Cockerell (6) 15:50; P Owor (2) 14:10; A Fyfe (2) 14:27.

B: R Norville 16:53; A Grace 18:04; R Norville 17:58; A Grace 18:46.