PROBLEM CHECK: correct browser

The recommended browsers for using the system are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so should you experience difficulties with any other browsers, please revert to one of these.

PROBLEM CHECK: mandatory fields

Make sure you have filled in all of the mandatory fields, people often miss the form ‘Medical Information (allergies/conditions/medications/etc)’ or Emergency Contact Details. Take your time and fill in any areas you don’t have information for with “N/A“.


PROBLEM CHECK: payment checkout

You need to make sure you have completed all of the mandatory details for each of your Group Forms. Once you have saved all of your information you can then proceed to payment checkout found at the top of your screen:


If you believe you have saved everything but it is not allowing you to proceed to payment checkout, then log out of your account. Clear your cache or close your browser and then login again.

PROBLEM CHECK: paypal issues

Experiencing Issues Paying With Card by Paypal? READ HERE FOR A SOLUTION

Alternatively, direct debit payment is your easiest option. You simply enter your bank account and sort code and payment will be taken by direct debit one week later. You can cancel this payment authorisation at any time through your online account.


If your problem is not resolved from any of the information above then please email us stating your exact issue and include any screenshots if possible.