We have groups of youngsters aged 11 upwards enjoying their first steps in athletics with coaches Andrea, Bob, Terry, Chris and Charlie guiding the way. Session times are listed below but please email us for more information or keep an eye out on the Juniors News Page for updates.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Details: Track and Field Training
Coach: Andrea
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Details: Middle Distance Training
Coach: Terry O’Neil

Meet: Millenium Arena, Battersea Park

When: Thursdays
Time: 7:00pm
Details: Sprints Training for 16+
Coach: Bob Bridges

Millenium Stadium, Battersea Park, SW11

Contact: juniors@belgraveharriers.co.uk

Coaching of children between the ages of 9 and 11 is also undertaken at Battersea Park by the Wandsworth Junior Athletic Club.  For more details contact Vilma Thompson at the Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, on 020 8871 7537.  Cost is around £2 per session.

Latest News

Junior Middle Distance Squad Update - May 2018 - PB's Galore

The Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner, AKA Timin Out On His Own

There has been lots going on since our last update, with the Herne Hill Open Meeting, the  County Championships, the Boroughs Schools Championships, the Rosenheim League, the Youth Development League and the Southern League.

Juliette In Full Flow

First up on Bank Holiday Monday was the Herne Hill Open Meeting, where we saw Timin Kanani running a strong U20 Men's 800m in a pb of 2.05 dead (and I gather that's how he felt as he crossed the line). Arriving a little later to the meeting than the other athletes, Timin found himself in race two and he won it comfortably. Lesson learnt, he'll be there early for future open meetings. Elsewhere on the day Juliette Michot ran an excellent U15G 1500m and Oliver Cunningham placed well in a large field of athletes typically two years older than him to record a pb of 2.37 in the U13B 800m.


☝ Hana



Oliver, Hot and Tired, But Pleased With Himself







We had athletes at both the Middlesex and Surrey Championships, with Timin again running well at the Middlesex meeting to secure a 2nd place 4.24.09 in the 1500, whilst Isla Walrock ran a 9th place 5.20 in the U15G 1500m and sister Hana won the U13G High Jump with a height of 1.31m (versatility is our watchword here in the Belgrave Juniors Middle Distance squad.) On the south side of the Thames at Kingston at the Surrey's, Oliver was in action again with a 5.14.88 in the U13B heats.

The London Borough Championships managed to spread themselves out over almost two weeks, with many of the organisers conspiring to keep the results to themselves, even now, hence the sparsity of mentions here, but performances of note were Blaine Robinson at Lambeth, another athlete competing against boys in the year above him, with a 4.42 winning performance in the U13B 1500m and a 2.17 800m (yes, we know, rules say that athletes under 15 can only compete in one track event, but his school Sports department didn't seem to have received the memo).

Over at Westminster, Maddy Whitman managed to shake loose from the interminable London American Schools League races that her school has her competing in (and winning with monotonous regularity) to win the U15G 1500m in 5.04, a time she then murdered some days later when she went under the feared 5.00 at yet another LASL meeting, running 4.56 (and of course winning her race yet again.) Maddy's improvement over virtually everything from 1500m to 5,000m this year has been truly outstanding and a shining example of the benefits of sheer hard work, aided of course by more than a little talent. Her efforts have resulted in her selection for the London School Athletics Association Championships on June 9th at Battersea Park, where she will be joined by Blaine.

☜Jago. Or Is It Monty ?







The Youth Development League meeting at Dartford on Saturday 19th May had a good turnout from our Middle Distance Squad. Jago and Monty Juxon seemed to be everywhere, with Monty running a 2.23 to win the U13B 800m and Jago running a 5.02 in the U13B 1500m. Monty then gave us a 1.40m high jump to place 2nd A competition, and Jago a 1.25m to win the B competition. The twins then ran across to throw the javelin, Jago winning the A competition with a 27.18m throw and Monty winning the B competition with a 25.15m that would have placed him 2nd behind his brother in the A competition. For good measure they then ran in our 4th placing 4x100m team that was only 2 seconds behind the winning team.  I can't find them in anything else but I suspect that they also slipped away to do the track timings, make the teas, iron their running vests and do the sweeping-up afterwards, before leaving to fix Brexit and launch a crusade for world peace with Bob G and Bono. The athletes from the other clubs must have been sick of the sight of them, thinking that one Juxon is bad enough, but two of them! Louis Bride ran a good B string race in the U13B 800m with a 2.46 pb.

Blaine, Moving Too Fast To be Photographed From The Front




Elsewhere at the same meeting we saw another stellar performance from Blaine with a pb 4.40.4 U13B 1500m. Despite starting off like a pocket rocket he hung in all the way to the finish line to place second. Juliette Michot set a pb of 5.35.4 in the U15G 1500m and Luca Barac also set a pb of 2.18.7 in the U15B 800 to finish second.

Juliette, All Set For Another PB








Timin Kanani continued his appearances for the senior squad, running a 2.04.6 pb in the Southern League 800m on Sunday 20th. Despite probably needing a break from racing for a few weeks, Timin then stepped up to the plate and capped it off with another 800m at the Rosenheim at Croydon on 23rd, finishing 3rd and passing two other athletes in the last 150m after a relatively slow first lap to secure 2.07.26. It's Timin's 17th birthday this month, hopefully he'll take the day off and give his running shoes a rest.

Juniors Update - April 2018

Race meetings are like buses, nothing for ages then two come along together. Which is what happened on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April.

Saturday saw the first Youth Development League Meeting of 2018, hosted by Belgrave Harriers at Battersea Park. The Juniors enjoyed glorious sunshine, the officials tried to avoid serious sunburn, the cake stall was up to its usual high standard, managed by the Juniors themselves, and a good time was had by all, even our Junior Team Manager Sian, despite her spending the entire unseasonably hot day in a hut in front of a laptop managing the results and acting as the voice from the speakers. Thank you Sian, for managing the meeting before, during and after the event.

Sian is still awaiting input from some of the other Clubs to find out who their athletes were, so a complete set of results is proving to be something of a challenge, but a few notable Belgrave first places included Hanna Walrock in both the U13 Girls High Jump and Long Jump (B), Freya Nott in the U13 Girls High Jump (B), Jago Juxon in the U13 Boys High Jump, Monty Juxon in the U13 Boys Javelin,  Louis Nolan in the U13 Boys Shot (A) and Jem Mavroleon in the U13 Boys Shot (B), Jacob Shkier in the U15 Boys discus, Matthew Kemball in the U13 Boys 200m and Ochola Tegan in the U13 Girls 70m Hurdles (Ochola missed first place in the Long Jump by only 1cm!). Our U13 Girls also won an exciting 4x100m relay, with the first 3 teams only 0.1 second apart.

Blaine, Looking Pleased With The Latest Ornament For His Room

Our Juniors were 4th overall from 8 teams, giving us 5 points in the League. Not too shabby, given that most of our Junior Middle Distance athletes were missing, competing the following day in the London Mini Marathon.

Speaking of which, Belgrave were well represented in the London Mini Marathon. Stand-out performance of the day was Blaine Robinson, who finished 1st U13 Boy in the London Borough's Championship, and 7th U13 Boy in the British Athletics Championships, with a time of 16.38 for the 3 mile course, a time many of our Seniors would struggle to hit. We also had the Juxon Boys in the same race, competing for the second time in two days, with Monty finishing 23rd and Jago a solid 60th. It's a shame there wasn't a Club team prize, the Belgrave U13 Boys would probably have won it! Timin Kanani finished 22nd in the U17 Boys, with Quinn Whitman and Julius Bennet in the same race deciding to race each other rather than the competition, with Quinn finishing one position and one second ahead of Julius in 100th place.

Full results can be found here:



Quinn, Thinking That The Full Marathon Can't Possibly Be Any Tougher

Maddy, Looking Majestic

In the Ladies section we saw another great run from Maddy Whitman in the U15 Girls, finishing 11th in the London Borough's Championship, coming off the back of a terrific cross country season where she has never missed a race, representing both Belgrave and Middlesex, and  with Isla Wallrock in 57th slot our Girls did the Club proud.

Junior ECCA National XC Championships, Parliament Hill, February 24th 2018

A wonderful, sunny, cold day at the classic Parliament Hill National X/C course greeted our Juniors, who subsequently discovered that there was mud, and plenty of it, hiding just over the brow of the hill atop the infamous but amazing first 500 metres. The Belgrave Juniors managed a decent turnout, although a couple of last minute arrivals caused one or two panics. The entire squad acquitted itself well, despite claims of injury, weariness, barging and shoving and confusion, all legitimate, except maybe the last one. What's to get confused about? Gear up, line up, go when the canon sounds, run like the clappers following the other athletes up and down then up again, whilst vowing 'never again', and then collapse over the finishing line to nurse aches, pains and bleeding skin.

My Head Hurts!

My Legs Hurt!

My Ankle Hurts!


Let's Get On With It

It's Not Like This In The Good Old US of A









First away was Emmanuele Golshaie in the U15B, with Freya Nott going off 20 minutes later in the U13G. Despite missing a good deal of training to focus on gymnastics she enjoyed her first competitive race in many months.

With athletes arriving regularly at the Belgrave tent (third tent of the day to be erected, sitting proudly near the top of the hill, so we at least won a bronze for that) we had the grand total of five Juniors warming up for the U17M. Stacked together in the Belgrave pen at the bottom of the hill were Timin Kanani, Joseph O'Clery, Julius Bennett, Quinn Whitman and Zayd Addicott.

Is That The Finishing Line?

All five ran their socks off. Timin was first home, but the most dazed look of the day at the finish came from Quinn, looking as if he had been hit by a truck and declaring the course the toughest he had ever run and certainly unlike anything he had experienced back in America. The rest of us tried not to laugh, but of course we failed.


You Looking At Me?


500 Metres Gone, Only 3,500 Metres To Go

Next off we had both Henry Shippey, practising his trademark scowl, and Blaine Robinson, peeling off most of his seven layers of clothes whilst adding tape to his shoes, preparing for the U13B at 12:30. Both acquitted themselves well, with Blaine probably over committing at the start, showing 3rd as he reached the top of the first hill and finishing 40th. Henry ran a much more balanced run to finish in the middle of the field.

Race? No-One Told Me It Was A Race. I Thought I Was Here For The Picnic

Plenty Of Time Coach, Don't Flap, It'll Only Take Me 15 Minutes To Peel Of These Seven Layers.


Where Did All Of Those Other Athletes Come From?

Our last, but certainly not least athlete was Maddy Whitman, our only representative in the U15G. Maddy ran her usual solid race to place well up the field in 105th place. Maddy was later to discover that she had been offered a place to represent Middlesex at the upcoming Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Loughborough. Well done Maddy.

Our Junior U17 Men's team was to finish 30th, which is the first time their Coach is aware of a Belgrave Junior National X/C team placing. The Senior Men placed 39th team that afternoon, so well done Juniors.

Full results can be found here:


Junior County Cross Country Championships, Middlesex and Surrey, 6th & 7th January 2018

Well done to the Juniors who braved the cold and mud at the Middlesex Cross Country Championships at Greenford on Saturday and the Surrey Cross Country Championships  at Denbies Vineyard in Dorking on Sunday. The former were faced with the sort of cloying, sticky mud that often results in lost shoes, the latter experienced hills, mud and flint. And to think that their Coach told both groups that the courses were 'easy'.

A Middlesex Vest Awaits Timin

Standout run of the weekend came from Timin Kanani, who carried his current training form through into the Middlesex Champs., finishing fourth U17B, and securing a Middlesex vest in the upcoming Inter Counties. The confused look on his face when he crossed the line and received the letter offering him the place in the Inter's was a joy to behold, and certainly well worth the pain of having to stand watching our athletes for 3 hours on a freezing cold field, feet under water, wearing five layers of clothing. Timin has another year in this age group - there's no reason why he couldn't win next year.

Maddy Whitman had an excellent run earlier that day against stiff competition to finish 11th U15G. Maddy has another year in this age group and if current training is anything to go by she will blitz the race next year.

Nearly There For Maddy

No-One Mentioned Mud to Henry!

Henry Shippey confused us all by smiling - we thought maybe he was ill. Or maybe he'd found a tenner in the car park. He actually smiled before his U13B race, AND AFTER, having finished in a commendable 46th. However, never one to break with tradition completely, Henry still managed to give his Coach a piece of his mind about the mud, which was clearly the Coach's fault.

Hanna Wallrock battled through the U13G despite a cold and looked strong, finishing 19th. Again, another one of our athletes with another year to go in this age group.

Another Brave Run From Hanna

Juliette. Enjoying It. Probably

In the U15G the ever present Juliette Michot ran an excellent 38th. It's always hard to tell with Juliette but I think she actually enjoyed it. Again, Juliette has another year in this age group for cross country competitions.

The biggest smile of the day came from Emmanuel Golshaie, who despite looking as if he had fallen in every mud pile on the course, and wearing white, came home grinning, as always, in 59th. It's great to see our athletes actually enjoying themselves, whether they are on the podium or just supporting their colleagues on a cold mid-Winter day.

A Cheery Emmanuele

Cold. Tired. But Having Fun. We Think.

Over in Surrey we had Joseph O'Clery and Zayd Addicott competing in the U17M, Joseph finishing well in 36th and Zayd not far behind in 44th. Denbies is not an easy course, so well done both of you. In the U13B we had Sam Pound competing in what was the biggest Junior field of the weekend, and finishing a highly creditable 95th







Full results and times can be found here:



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