We have groups of youngsters aged 11 upwards enjoying their first steps in athletics with coaches Andrea, Bob, Terry, Chris and Charlie guiding the way. Session times are listed below but please email us for more information or keep an eye out on the Juniors News Page for updates.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Details: Track and Field Training
Coach: Andrea
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Details: Middle Distance Training
Coach: Terry O’Neil

Meet: Millenium Arena, Battersea Park

When: Thursdays
Time: 7:00pm
Details: Sprints Training for 16+
Coach: Bob Bridges

Millenium Stadium, Battersea Park, SW11

Contact: juniors@belgraveharriers.co.uk

Coaching of children between the ages of 9 and 11 is also undertaken at Battersea Park by the Wandsworth Junior Athletic Club.  For more details contact Vilma Thompson at the Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, on 020 8871 7537.  Cost is around £2 per session.

Latest News

Summer Athletics

Belgrave Harriers Summer Athletics Sessions 2017


Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, London SW11 4NJ


Name Events Qualification
Matt Threadgold Sprints & Hurdles UKA Athletics Coach
Pete Mayfield Throws & Pole Vault Athletics Coach
Martyn Bernard Jumps UKA Qualified Coach (Olympic Finalist & European Medallist)
Josh Swaray Sprints & Jumps UKA Qualified Coach (England International Sprinter)
Craig Cox Sprints & Jumps UKA Assistant Coach
David Lucas All disciplines UKA Level 4 Coach

Sessions (subject to possible change)

Date Time Training Available Coaches
Tuesday 1st August 11:30am – 1:30pm Sprints, Jumps Josh Swaray, Craig Cox
2:30pm – 4:30pm Hurdles, Sprints Matt Threadgold, Josh Swaray & Craig Cox
Wednesday 2nd August 11:30am – 1:30pm Sprints, Jumps Matt Threadgold, Josh Swaray & Craig Cox
2:30pm – 4:30pm Hurdles, Jumps Matt Threadgold, Josh Swaray & Craig Cox
Thursday 3rd August 10:30am – 12:00pm Sprints, Jumps & Pole Vault Matt Threadgold, Josh Swaray & Pete Mayfield
12:00pm – 5:00pm Athletics Fun Competition in partnership with Caius House Matt Threadgold, Josh Swaray & Pete Mayfield
Friday 4th August 11:30am – 1:30pm Hurdles, Pole Vault & High Jump Matt Threadgold, Pete Mayfield & Martyn Bernard
2:30pm  – 4:30pm Throws & Jumps Pete Mayfield, Martyn Bernard
Tuesday 15th August 4:00pm – 6:00pm Sprints & Pole Vault Matt Threadgold, Pete Mayfield
Thursday 17th August 4:00pm – 6:00pm Hurdles & Pole Vault Matt Threadgold, Pete Mayfield
Tuesday 22nd August 4:00pm – 6:00pm Sprints Matt Threadgold
Thursday 24th August 4:00pm – 6:00pm Hurdles Matt Threadgold

Youth Development League, Match Two, Hillingdon - 20th May 2017

Saturday ‘s visit to Hillingdon for the season’s second Youth Development League meeting started off like something from A Sound of Music, with Sister Sian leading her group of seven athletes and two Coaches in tow behind her as we set off from Waterloo Station at 9:30 am, having met under the iconic clock, although not so iconic as to stop half the group from waiting outside the station in blissful ignorance until they received frantic calls from Sian. I did think to myself, ‘How can you miss the clock, even Del Trotter managed to find Rachael there,’ but my inner coward told me to keep my thoughts to myself.

Anyway, off we went, arriving at Hillingdon town centre, where Sian had her second cup of coffee of the trip thus far, disappearing with fellow Coach Bob Bridges into the first Costa she saw, leaving yours truly with seven hyper-active Juniors. Three of them spotted a Greggs and they were off, obviously for a salad and some fruit. Two of the remaining four had to be restrained from dashing off to the nearby Game Station. On the return of the Greggs abscondees we then saw five of the Juniors shoot off into Poundland (most asked question at the til “how much is that?” – err, the clue’s above the door) for refuelling on those ever so essential sweets and cheesy biscuits (note to Committee, could we organise an athletes nutrition day please? Or at least convince our Juniors that a handful of salty snacks TWO minutes before a race is probably not the best preparation.)

The group then headed off for the mile walk to the stadium, with Bob going old school and favouring a printed page from his A-Z rather than the infinitely better Google maps route-finder playing through my headphones. Okay, I did try to persuade him to go left instead of right, but we would have found our way back easily enough without going too far the wrong way. Honest.

We arrived at the track just in time for the rain. Medium to light. Interspersed with torrential. Interspersed with hail.

With seven other athletes arriving with their parents, we were probably the smallest team there, but we convinced ourselves that quality would outperform quantity. A bit like the Charge of The Light Brigade. Although we all know how that ended. Anyway, we had a good day out. First timer Jayden James acquitted himself well in the long jump, the 100 metres and the 200 metres, whilst fellow first timer Elijah Booth did well in both the 200m and the long jump.

Richard Klein In Full Flow

Richard Klein ran superbly, muscling his way to 2nd in 11.9s the U15 Boys 100 metres before going one better to win the 200 metres comfortably in 24.1s. And so the day progressed. Jumps were jumped, throws were thrown, and of course races were, err, raced. And then we pulled in our big guns for the middle distance races (although actually, none of them seem to be much more than 5' tall, so maybe we should call them our little guns?).



Go Henry

First up in the U13 Boys 800 metres was Henry Shippey, who is beginning to put together some serious training sessions. Sitting near the back of the pack for the first lap of his 800 metres, and looking as cool as a cucumber, he moved up over the next 200 and went past two athletes in the next 100, only just failing to pass the winner in the home straight, finishing second in a new PB of 2.30.1. He was justifiably delighted. No pressure Henry, but there's a 2.25 in there trying to make an appearance in your next race.

Next up were Blaine Robinson and Sam Pound for the U13 Boys 1500. Discarding 4 of his 5 tops, including that oh so essential Barbour jacket that no serious athlete can warm up in without, Blaine went straight to the front from the gun (having previously been told not to cover his ears on the starting line to block the sound of the bang – why do England Athletics never teach you this on their coaching courses?) Within a lap he was 100 metres clear. The crowd watched with a collective smirk as they waited for the inevitable collapse, with the chasing pack reeling him in. However, they don’t know Blaine. At the end of lap two he was 150 metres in front. And at the end of lap three he was 200 metres clear. Casting a glance to the opposite corner of the track, Blaine realised that he was a little bit better than clear, and he decided to just hold his lead, finishing with 4.47 dead. He could probably have run 3 or 4 seconds quicker if he hadn’t looked at his watch every 30 metres. Or maybe he was just checking for texts? Blaine then shot off with the fiver his Mum had given him that morning to see if he could buy and subsequently consume his own weight in Chuppa Chupps (which in fairness isn't all that much). Meanwhile, behind him, another Belgrave athlete, Sam Pound, returning from a month away from training with glandular fever and having only trained lightly for a week, had started cautiously but was now picking off the opposition, coming through over the last 60 metres to place a solid third in 5.27.1, pipping the fourth placed runner by 0.5 seconds and winning the B race by 10 seconds. Sam was rightly pleased as punch, as evidenced by his post-race grin.

Blaine clearly thinking 'Right, That's That Out of The Way, Now Where Are My Post-Race Chuppa Chupps?"'

Belgrave’s ever present and ever consistent Juliet Michot represented the Club in the U15 Girls 1500, having only just found herself in that age category a couple of months ago. She raced exactly as instructed, sitting no more than 2 metres off the leading pair for 3 laps, before passing the third athlete with 250 metres to go. We then saw what was probably the most gutsy, and certainly the most entertaining finish of the day, as Juliet clawed her way back towards the leader who had made a significant break at 200 metres. The two of them then raced it out for 70 metres, side by side, with Juliet just missing out by one tenth of a second. That’s one whole blink of an eye. After 1500 metres of pain. Even the winner thought that Juliet had won as the pair embraced on the line. Watching with camera in hand I was so enthralled by her effort that I didn’t manage to snap the finish. That has to be her best race to date, and there is more to come.

Time To Move Through, Juliet

We managed to pull together a relay teams for the 4 x 100 U15 Boys, finishing an excellent third in 52.2 seconds, before our U13 Girls, not to be outdone, matched them with a third place in 60.6 seconds, with batons intact and in hand at the finish. And that was after practising pre-race with water bottles. Maybe our Olympic Coaches should take note?

With rain threatening, again, we picked up our baggage and headed home, sans Google maps but avec Sian’s underground route finder (please note the nod to our French contingent with my cod French).

A big thank you to all of our athletes and the Mums and Dads who brought them. And to Carl Lawton, one of our long standing Club and Belgrave Committee members  and race walkers, who turned out for the day for no reason other than to support our Juniors because he cares. Nice one Carl

The next YDL meeting is a home fixture at Battersea Park again on Sunday 18th June, when we will hopefully have more athletes out to show the competition how well we can score when we combine our quality with our quantity.




100m U15 Boys A

2nd       Richard Klein                                11.9s

100m U15 Boys B

4th      Elijah Booth                                      13.8s

100m U15 Boys NS

1st      Jayden James                                 13.7s

200m U15 Boys A

1st      Richard Klein                                     24.1s

200m U15 Boys B

3rd      Jayden James                                  28.5s

200m U15 Boys B

3rd      Elijah Booth                                      28.5s

Long Jump U15 Boys A

4th        Jayden James                                 4.54m

Long Jump U15 Boys B

4th      Elijah Booth                                      3.37m

100m U15 Girls A

5th        Osayi Egharevba                             14.0s

100m U15 Girls B

5th        Ramzil Kamara                                16.8s

200m U15 Girls A

6th      Osayi Egharevba                               29.5s

1500m U15 Girls A

2nd     Juliet Michot                                      5.42.6s

Long Jump U15 Girls A

6th        Osayi Egharevba                             3.48m

800m U13 Boys A

2nd     Henry Shippey                                  2:30.1s

1500m U13 Boys A

1st      Blaine Robinson                             4.47.0s

1500m U13 Boys B

1st      Sam Pound                                      5.27.1s

75m U13 Girls A

3rd      Esme O’Brien Thomas                  10.8s

75m U13 Girls B

3rd      Tegan Ochola                                  11.5s

75m U13 Girls NS

4th        Keren Manzangala                          12.3s

150m U13 Girls A

3rd      Esme O’Brien Thomas                  21.7s

150m U13 Girls B

4th      Rebecca Manzangala                     23.8s

Long Jump U13 Girls A

2nd     Tegan Ochola                                  3.91m

Long Jump U13 Girls B

3rd      Rebecca Manzangala                     3.22m

4 x 100 U15 Boys


Osamuyi Egharevba

Elijah Booth

Jayden JAMES

Richard Klein                                               52.2s

4 x 100 U13 Girls


Keren Manzangala

Tegan Ochola

Rebecca Manzangala

Esme O'Brien-Thomas                             60.6s












Junior Round-Up

With the Cross Country season finishing for our Juniors in mid-February, and the track season not due to start until April 9th in the shape of the Young Athletes meet promoted by Hercules Wimbledon at the David Weir Leisure Centre, our athletes have been out and about at the London mini-marathon trials and the ParkRuns.

Dauphine, about to consume the world's largest Smarties cake for her 15th Birthday. But saving none for her Coach

Isla Wallrock ran well in the Hammersmith and Fulham London Mini Marathon trials to secure qualification in the Girls U15 category for the London Mini Marathon on 23rd April. At the Southwark Mini Marathon trials, Belgrave was represented by Baine Robinson who ran an outstanding race in the Boys U13 category to finish 3rd over 2.7 miles in a time of 15.51, only 12  seconds behind the winner and qualifying for the Mini Marathon. Dauphine Rolin was extremely pleased with her run in Girls U15 race, finishing 14th in 21 minutes dead. Elsewhere in Wandsworth on 5th February, Zayd Addicott qualified in the Boys U15 trials, with Sam Pound running a strong race in the Boys U13 category. Unfortunately Wandsworth/Enable, not the quickest out of the blocks, have yet to publish a full list of results.

Blaine Robinson, and running kit, taking the gold

Blaine continued his superlative improvement in the Park Runs, running a pb of 18:55 at Southwark on 25th February and following it up two weeks later with another barnstormer of 18:20 at Brockwell Park. In between he managed to place first in the U12 Boys category (second overall) in the Anglesey 1 mile junior race on 5th March. He's a veritable running machine. Although I  think he could take at least 20 seconds off that if he left off some of that running kit - it must weigh more than him! Just because you've got it Blaine, doesn't mean that you've got to wear it all at once  😀

Well done Blaine. And to think I was pacing him in the Park Runs only a year ago. Wonder if he'd be kind enough to reciprocate? As long as it's a nice gentle trot.

Meanwhile, Henry Shippey was showing his schoolmates a thing or two, placing second in the prep schools U13 Boys Cross Country Championships, only just pipped at the post. Unfortunately I wasn't there to capture that enigmatic post-race scowl, but I'll bet it was in evidence nevertheless.

Juniors Surrey League, Match Four, Wimbledon and Coulsdon, February 11th 2017

Post-Race Smiles and Grimaces from Joseph, Hector, Zayd and Henry (Doing His Tower of Pisa Impersonation and Leaning Dangerously In the Direction of His Injured Calf)

Saturday saw the fourth and final matches of the Surrey League for what has been an enormously encouraging season for our Junior squad. At Wimbledon, despite the typically miserable February weather, we had four of our stalwarts turn out to compete on what was probably the toughest, and muddiest course of the four Boys races. First home was an ever improving Zayd Addicott, 8th U15 in 15 minutes dead.

Zayd, Trying To Hold Off The Chasing Pack

Zayd moves up an age category next season to join Joseph O'Clery, who as ever turned up to represent his Club and declared afterwards that he thoroughly enjoyed the race. I have yet to hear Joseph complain or say that he didn't have fun, regardless of the weather or the conditions. Joseph is exactly the type of athlete who makes our team what it is. As good as he is, Joseph always focuses on the taking part on behalf of his Club as well as the winning. Joseph was one of a cluster of athletes just behind Zayd, 11 seconds back and placing 11th U17.

Hector, Looking Like He Means Business


Next athlete home, and 26th U13 in 17:30, was Hector Sheppard, who ran the last 400 with a look of sheer grit and determination on his face. It was without doubt Hector's best race of the season. And only two places and 16 seconds behind him was Henry Shippey, who competed despite an ongoing calf niggle which had turned into a little bit more than that by the time he had finished.  Well done to all of our boys.



Across at Coulsdon at the surely inappropriately named (at least for our Junior Girls) Happy Valley Park, our only representative was Allison Dalgleish in the Girls U15 race, finishing 19th. Allison deserves huge plaudits for turning out. After missing the first match at Nonsuch Park, Allison has been at every cross country race that Belgrave Juniors have been eligible to compete in, including the County and Area championships, and she has always given her all. Again, she is a shining example of the taking part and not just the glory of winning.

Southern Cross Country Championships, Juniors - 28th January 2017

Parliament Hill, normally a quagmire for the Southern Counties Cross Country event, was unusually firm, albeit wet and muddy in parts. First away in the bright sunshine were the U15 Boys, with Belgrave represented by Julius Bennet, finishing in 198th in a time of 18.01. With three athletes in the next race,  theU13 Girls, the ever solid Isla Walrock was our first finisher, 53rd in 15.06, followed by Juliet Michot 210th in 14.57 and Chaiyla Norvill-Williams, 276th in 17.01


Chaiyla, oblivious to the camera

Juliet, concentrating on the last 400 metres

Isla, nearly home

The U13 Boys race saw Henry Shippey having an excellent run to place 203rd in 13.16, despite his last minute change of plan that day to race rather than to play football for Clapham Rangers. Not far behind was Sam Pound, 259th in 13.56.


Henry, wishing he was playing football



With Allison Dagleish our only representative in the U15 Girls race, she did well to battle on to secure 267th slot in 25.33. The final race of the day as far  as our Junior team was concerned was the Junior Mens U17 race. Timin Kamani ran his first race for the squad, placing an excellent 110th in 22.29, with Joseph O'Clery not far behind in 23.31 to finish in 151st place.

Allison, relieved that last stretch was downhill


All in all our Junior's ran well, in particular given that they were competing with athletes across the entire Southern region of England, generally recognised as the toughest of the four regional championships.

Sam, trying to look cheery

Timin, with the smile he promised his Coach

Joseph, looking cool