Belle’s B Team Women’s Road & Cross Country Winner Announced

Author:  Charlie Dickinson

The ‘B’ competition for the Women’s Road and Cross Country team was introduced last year. The aim was not necessarily to encourage runners to take part and support the team, but to recognise that everyone wearing a Belgrave vest is important to the club whether or not they score for the team.

Perhaps the best days last winter happened to be when we had three and four teams taking part in the cross country relays at Wormwood Scrubs and Reigate. The A team won medals but team spirit was terrific!

Points are awarded for all team races, road and cross country with 10 for the first placed non A team runner, then 9 and so on. Points are given even if the team are incomplete. There were a total of 13 races throughout the winter season.

Last years joint winner Megan James was the runaway leader until Christmas but then due to an injury had to unavoidably miss some races.  This allowed the ever popular and cheerful Mhairi McDonald with three late appearances at Brighton, Richmond Park and Parliament Hill to pip Megan at the post.

Congratulations to Mhari McDonald

Top 10 points scores are as follows;

  1. Mhairi McDonald      54
  2. Megan James             50
  3. Lizzie Goldie-Scot      29
  4. Felicity Cole                28
  5. Mhairi Hall                  23
  6. Rose O’Brien               21
  7. Jojo Rhodes                 19
  8. Fiona Maddocks         17
  9. Gemma Wright           15
  10. Vicky Goodwin            12