Belgravian of 82 years, Bill Lucas DFC, turns 101

Bill Lucas celebrated his 101st birthday on January 16th, with family, and friends from RAFA, Probus and Belgrave.

His first championship medal for Belgrave was a silver at the London to Brighton of 1937 when he had a nerveless run coming off the bench.

Those nerves were tested more fully in WWII when he completed 81 missions with the RAF.

He won medals at 10 London to Brightons overall, and dueled with Zatopek at the ’48 Olympics, pictured [213].

Since then he was a remarkably successful TM for the Belgrave men’s R&C squad, and was the velvet-toned announcer at the White City for many years.

Bill’s 100th birthday at Belgrave Hall last year garnered headlines far and wide.