Belgrave’s Marvellous Marlow weekender 15 – 17th September

From Friday 15th to Sunday 17th a core group of Belgravian’s embarked on the training weekend in Marlow. The team stayed at Longridge Activity Centre, nicely positioned by the river which came complete with our own kitchen.

For some, it was their first training weekend and featured a multitude of new activities like Dragon Boating, Pilates and long runs by the river and through the beautiful green countryside.

Photo Credits:  Trevor Hunter


The Weekend Unravelled

Friday 15th – Friday started with a delightful dinner, courtesy of Chef’s Megan and Alex and with Saron and Jurgita’s  run around Marlow centre, where they even tried to help a lady with finding her lost dogs, unfortunately without success.

After dinner the team went for a walk into the town centre which featured a new ‘sport’ – pass the child – an assault course on the way to the pub that involved passing a tired Simon (Saron’s son) between willing carriers whilst avoiding a forest of snails who had strayed onto the pavement in the twilight.


Saturday 16th – On Saturday morning after a quick breakfast, Belgravian’s drove to the Wycombe District Athletes Complex with an amazing green track, where they were joined by others including six-month pregnant Becky – showing true dedication to the running cause – what a champ! As well as celebrating the newly engaged Belgrave power couple champs, Helen and Ed.


Photo: Surrogate Grandfather Charlie on  Childcare duty with Simon

There was a constructive track session held by Sam’s coach, Rodger Hughes which featured a warm-up full of different drills, jumps, and mini hurdles. Everyone agreed on the importance of warming-up properly and drills as essential to building leg strength. After a 45min extensive warm-up, the team started the main session – 6x800m reps.  Performance Running

With the group consisting of people of differing pace and ability, they were able to choose to run 6x400m, 6x600m or mix it up. It was a terrifically tough session (especially for those who had taken a summer sabbatical from training), with the unbeatable duo, Ed and Nick leading. Afterwards, the team returned to base to devour a buffet lunch of avocado toast, salads and fresh fruit.

The next team activity was Dragon Boating – a first for most of the team. With Saron leading with an ever-so casual paddle technique, the rest of the team were left trying to get in sync. The team battled the elements including overcoming thumb cramp and being soaked in a downpour, yet in true Belgravian fashion everyone kept spirits high by singing along to some classics like Arne’s rendition of Celine Dion ‘My heart will go on’. It was a brilliant experience full of laughter and Trevor and Patrick comparing their watch stats for rowing!

Photo: Dragon boating on the River Thames

Although everyone was tired after the track session and Dragon Boating, there was one more session left, Pilates with Harriet Angell. Harriet led a tough, but easy to follow Pilates session that focused on strength and flexibility specific for runners. The basic moves challenged everyone’s balance and forced all to consider muscles, especially after pounding out the miles with Belgrave. The session was thoroughly enjoyable and despite the soreness for three days following has inspired many of the team to take up Pilates regularly. Harriet also had copies of her running specific Pilates book -: Author page – details of the book there, and £14.88 on Amazon then £16.99 in bookshops

                     Photo: Pilates Challenge With Harriet!

Belgravians ended Saturday with delicious dinner at Zizzi’s in Marlow, where everybody had a chance to compensate for the day’s activities by stocking up on carbs and also reflect on the day’s activities.


Photo:  Zizzi’s  L:R  Becky, Iona, Megan, Charlie, Alex, Sam, Saron, Nick, Lizzie, Simon, Jurgita, Scott & Arne.

Sunday 17th – On Sunday the team woke up bright and early to ‘carpe diem’ and embark on a  long run in the beautiful Marlow countryside. Sam planned a scenic loop that took the group along country lanes, through fields, and along the river – which all the team agreed made a welcome change from London. Even reminding Saron, who led the group (literally running circles around her team- mates and bravely running straight through a herd of cows) reminding her of native Ethiopia!!

Photo: Iona, Megan, Becky, Charlie, Sam, Saron, Jurgita & Simon

Following the long run, everyone came up to the base to talk about nutrition with Ann Garry. The discussion was about dealing with blood sugar, good fats, and typical athlete needs and was insightful for all, even inspiring Megan and Sam to begin creating her overnight oats. Yum!

Photo: Ann discussing nutrition and entertaining Simon

All the team wants to thank everyone who attended the training weekend and to Charlie, Sam, Megan, Rodger, Harriet, Ann and others who contributed to the weekend. The whole team agrees it was nice to spend the weekend with a great group of people that had a mutual love for running.  Roll on next year….


Photo:  Simon, Saron, Becky, Iona, Charlie, Sam, Megan, Jurgita


All Photos from the weekend: Belgrave Weekend @ Longridge

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