• The redevelopment of Belgrave Hall and its increasing use by local community sports activities has put the club in a strong financial position. All Belgrave sections are fully funded to meet their budgeted competition costs.
  • In 2016 the Belgrave Committee introduced a new development scheme whereby section heads can apply for funds to expand and improve sectional activities.
  • In addition to this the Belgrave Committee has introduced a Bursary scheme to help developing athletes. The details of the scheme for Belgrave members are detailed below.

Bursary Scheme


The Belgrave Harriers Bursaries Programme is designed to support excellence and development in the field of athletic performance. The award of a Bursary is intended to provide recipients with the financial support to enable them to train, compete and develop themselves as athletes. The programme will support athletes at different stages and levels in their athletics career from junior to senior level.

Applicants must demonstrate that they have an established coaching routine either within or outside of the club. They must also demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and ambition in their performances and that they are committed to working within their discipline/ field of interest.

Competition for these funds will be extremely high and applicants are encouraged to consider the criteria and their commitment before applying. All bursaries are reviewed annually and their continuance is dependent upon satisfactory conduct, attitude, participation and progress.

Given demand on the funds The Club may award at a reduced level where we consider that this would still be of benefit to the applicant.

General Criteria

The award of a Bursary is intended to allow for time to: consolidate current training practices and build on existing skills; compete at competitions for club and county (where relevant); provide assistance with training equipment/kit to aid/enhance development.

Recipients will be expected to be good club ambassadors and to demonstrate a willingness to contribute fully to the sporting life of the club. This includes a requirement for athletes to represent the club in at least four fixtures across eligible competitions for the year.

Who can apply?

We will accept applications from club athletes who have been members of Belgrave for 6 months or more, unless otherwise stated in the bursary criteria.

Applicants will apply to the respective category and will be awarded based on merit as determined by a selection panel with the committee providing final approval.

Bursary Details

Applicants will be asked to demonstrate:

  • A strong commitment to training and competing at club level in their chosen discipline.
  • A high level of personal performances with a strong track record of achievement in their discipline.
  • A clear seasonal goal they wish to achieve and a commitment to relevant fixtures for the season.
  • A clear rationale as to why a Bursary would be important to them at this particular time.

Bursaries will be assessed in respect of:

  • Ability: the level of skill, personal performance in their current and previous season.
  • Relevance: the degree to which the personal circumstances fits with the purpose of the programme.
  • Participation: a clearly presented view of the fixture attendance proposed and anticipated outcomes.
  • Impact: the anticipated benefit that funding, at this point in time, would have on the athletes development and future performances.

Specific Criteria

  • Age Group
  • Fixtures competed in
  • Financial Circumstances
  • Performance Record
  • Coach’s/Team Manager Recommendation

Eligible Competitions

  • Youth Development League
  • Sports Hall
  • Southern Athletics League
  • UK Women’s League
  • Rosenheim
  • All Road and Cross Country Fixtures

General Awards

Awarded to an athlete who demonstrates outstanding sporting ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm. It is dependent upon satisfactory conduct, attitude, participation and progress.

Membership 50.00 Membership 40.00 Membership 30.00
Club Vest/Crop Top 15.00 Club Vest/Crop Top 15.00 Club Vest/Crop Top 15.00
Club Shorts/Briefs 10.00 Club Shorts/Briefs 10.00 Club Shorts/Briefs 10.00
Shoes/Kit Voucher 50.00 Shoes/Kit Voucher 50.00 Shoes/Kit Voucher 50.00
Physio Voucher 50.00 Physio Voucher 50.00 Physio Voucher 50.00
Bursary Value £ 175.00   Bursary Value  £ 165.00   Bursary Value  £ 155.00

Exceptional Pursuit Awards

Funds awarded for one off specific athletic pursuits where funding is an issue and the activity would be of exceptional benefit for the athlete in their athletic development.


  • Travel/expenses for National Championships where an individual has been invited/selected to compete.
  • Training programme opportunities.
  • Assistance with specific kit or equipment that would assist the athlete.
  • A higher level of competition than can be offered in the general club fixtures of which the athlete has the ability to perform at.